What makes us different

There are so many SEO / SEM / Internet Marketing / Social Media Agencies out there and most of them make outrageous claims that tend to confuse clients, rather than help them in the long run. It’s hard for people to determine the truth with all the false information out there. We’re here to solve that problem.

  Below is a list of how we go about our business. We always want to make this crystal clear for everyone.

  • No super long term contracts
  • Weekly reports and updates so you can follow along with our work for all clients
  • We don’t outsource! (no overseas work, all work is done in house in USA!)
  • We only work with ONE type of business per industry/niche in your city so you can maximize the ROI
  • All work is done by SEO specialists
  • We always follow the search engine’s best guidelines
  • We are constantly evolving with the changes made by Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines and react quickly
  • We care if you succeed, your success is our success!
  • We place everything in writing so you can feel secure.

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