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Alaska seo facebook adsI know your time is valuable so I’ll make this brief so you can get back to Facebook 🙂 

You’re seeing this page specifically because you are being RETARGETED” and you just clicked my Facebook Ad above ^^^.

In other words, you came to my website over the past few days, browsed around, and never filled out my Discovery Form so that I could help you with your business / website.

The funny thing is, I can show you exactly how to “retarget” your website visitors too!

Example: Let’s say you are a dentist in Anchorage. People every day are searching and looking for dentists in the Anchorage area and might visit 7-8 different Anchorage Dentist websites in search of a good dentist. What if a visitor came to your site and then all of a sudden saw your Facebook Ad an hour later when they check their status updates. That would be pretty powerful wouldn’t?? The more times they see your ad, the more likely they see you as the “authority” and pick up the phone and call you! We help businesses with this all the time and it’s super powerful because it’s laser targeted!

I am the Alaska SEO Expert and have clients all across Alaska. It doesn’t matter if you are a fishing guide, DUI Lawyer, Plumber, Roofer, etc…, I can help. Your customers are looking for you online right now and if your website isn’t visible to them, they aren’t finding you and calling you. But chances are, you already know this and that’s why you came to my website in the first place.

Go ahead and fill out my short form below. It takes about 2 minutes tops. I will get back to you within 24 hours and explain how I can help you with your business.